Criminal Record Sources

About The CRS Subscription

The value of a data subscription is measured by the depth of the content, the accuracy, and the currency. CRS provides all three.

Who Will Find CRS Beneficial?

Anyone using or relying on criminal records will find CRS advantageous. This includes Employers, Employment Screening Firms, Investigators, Law Enforcement, Risk Managers, Record Vendors, Paralegals and other Litigation-Related Staff. Also people dealing with Security, Licensing, Verification of Identity will find CRS valuable.

What Makes the CRS Subscription Unique?

  • Unlimited Access
  • Multiple Users May Share the Log-in
  • Subjective Statements on Onsite-Online Equivalency
  • Data is Constantly Updated
  • Includes Details not Found on a Google Search

What Data is Included?

There are four Data Centers available. Each of these Centers provides enhanced materials beyond the free data that non-subscribers view. The agency profiles include the following:

  • Agency Facts: office hours; time zone; web sites, types of records held.
  • In-depth Search and Access Facts: all methods of access; indexing; search requirements; how far back records are kept and available, online availability; when public access terminals are onsite; turnaround times.
  • Matrix of Statewide Systems and Onsite Equivalency: a state-by-state evaluation of online criminal record access using the judicial statewide systems and the state repositories; if equivalent or not to an onsite search, and why.
  • All Fees: access, copy; certification; expedited; if credit cards are accepted; if personal or business checks accepted.
  • Searching Tips and Idiosyncrasies: inside information on what you need to know about a particular agency holding records
  • Plus Much More!

Does Each Person at My Company Need a Separate Log-in?

No. You create one log-in per subscription and you can share this log-in with others at your firm. As mentioned above, you can have two people logged into CRS at the same time. A third person would have to wait until a spot opens up.

What is the Subscription Price?

The fee is $149.95 for an Annual Subscription with unlimited access. This allows two users logged into CRS simultaneously. Additional user programs are available for enterprise accounts (call 800-929-3811).

I already have a subscription to the Public Record Research System (PRRS). Is this the same data?

No, but there are similarities and some redundancies. Click on the to view the data provided in each subscription