Public Record Research System

PRRS is the ultimate public record resource! In seconds, subscribers learn how to access public records directly from 28,000+ government agencies and institutions at the county, state, and federal levels. Subscribers gain the know-how for all access methods (including online searches), indexing and search requirements, restrictions, and fees. The Courts Section informs you, for most courts, when online searching is equivalent to onsite research.

PRRS consists of 7 individual BRB databases and each is offered on an ALA Carte basis as well:

  • State, County, and Local Courts
  • Federal Courts and Record Centers
  • State Agencies
  • County Recorders & Assessors Offices
  • Occupational Licensing Boards
  • College and Universities
  • LOCUS: Zip Code - County - Place Name

You can upgrade and order both the PRRS and CRS for a small additional fee. Check out our PRRS/CRS Combo for more details.